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Thread: DCS at Games Convention 2006

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    Dreamcast DCS at Games Convention 2006

    Posted at will present the Dreamcast scene to the public, media and leading developer(s / teams) with an own booth at this years Games Convention in Leipzig/Germany.

    The Games Convention is held from 23rd to 27th this month and it is the largest and most important European videogame exhibition.

    If you live in Europe you want to contribute by borrowing some nice rarities of your Dreamcast collection or D.I.Y stuff to DCS for presentation at the Games Convention, now it's the time to do so. You'll get all your items back along with a nice present.

    Have a look at this topic over at the forums to see what we already got and what you could contribute:

    Of course coders are welcome to present their projects as well.

    Send your stuff out to: ''Van Basilco c/o Max Scharl Prinz-Ludwig-Strasse 19 85354 Freising n. Munich Germany / Europe''

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    Kinda late there...the show starts today, and the post says "please mail no later than August 10." It's too bad nobody spotted this earlier.

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    i hope there is some decent DC coverage!

    darksaviour, you're in armagh? i'm in antrim! argh!

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    I've sent Max a huuuuuge package of Dreamcast stuff. I was pretty damn late too, so I sent it directly to the Congress Center in Leipzig where the Games Convention is held.

    According to the postman it should arrive tomorrow morning which is late but not too late I hope as the convention will end sunday.

    I've send him a lot of commercial games that hopefully are of use:
    • REZ
    • about all 2D vs Fighters out there (from SSFIIX up to Garou)
    • and the usual Multiplayer stuff (like Virtua Tennis, Power Stone, ChuChu Rocket, Worms World Party, Quake III, Bomberman)

    ...and then I've also sent him a big set of as of yet unreleased stuff, all with covers and some of them even as free give-aways (5-10 each):
    • Rage of the Streets (Demo)
    • The Sandman: Dreamcast Demo Disc Vol.1 (working title, includes all the great Dreamcast homebrew games)
    • QuakeDC SE
    • SCUMM VM Demo Compilation
    • DreamEmulation Project: NeoGeo Edition (Beta)

    ...and Battletoads DC & Final Fight: Last Round SE, which already were released at DCEvo, but the discs I sent are bugfixed so they don't crash when getting played or shown at the convention ^^

    I've even made some sort of Dreamcast Promo disc showing Age of the Beast, Drill, Last Hope, etc. in action

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    I just recieved an email by Max. Here's a translation:

    Now it's official:

    There won't be a DCS booth at GC'06!

    We had some fantastic Projects to show and wanted to gain a lot attention and already spend a lot of time and energy ... but when we recieved almost no support and when some things turned out badly (mainly when some things which we were about to present got delayed) and our hotel reservations got canceled, we lost all motivation to actually continue with working on our presentation for the GC'06.

    I (Max Scharl - CE) spent a lot of money and time for the preparations, but now because of the low interest within the scene and the delayed projects which we couldn't have presented anyway, I think we are better off to invest the thousands of Euros our booth would have cost us in future projects.

    Many many thanks to everyone who have supported us in this situation.

    A real bummer. I gotta try to get back my package

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christuserloeser
    I just recieved an email by Max. Here's a translation:

    A real bummer. I gotta try to get back my package
    Argh! Dreamcast is dying a little each day

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    No, it ain't. Maybe a bit but it will live as long as we want

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    Okay, according to the delivery tracking service my package is on its way back home

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