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Thread: One Question, Bunch of Comments

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    Default One Question, Bunch of Comments

    1) Does anybody know what's going on with Storm! Studios? Their forums have been down for almost a week now. I am sure that Will is aware of the problem, because OrangeRibbon says he PM'd some sprites to Will, and told him the forums were down (I think the whole site is down at the moment). I keep getting a 400 error (bad request).

    2) I tried out the Alice In Wonderland E-Book tonight. That thing is really cool. I love the intro movie, and think the set-up for the book is really nice.

    3) I tried out the Inhabitants preview release tonight. That game is great. The multi-player mode adds a lot to the game. I am looking forward to seeing the full game when it gets released.

    4) I tried out DCastle tonight, but couldn't really figure it out. Every time I would get rid of one of the rings, it would come back right away. Every time I would shoot enough of the elements of rings to get to Smiley, he would kill me right away. I suck at video games. The game seems cool, though. I didn't see much of a difference between Arcade and Puzzle modes, but that may just be because I am an idiot.
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    Default Re: One Question, Bunch of Comments

    Puzzle mode in DCASTLE is disabled in this preview release from 260504.

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