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Thread: white knuckles at blackpool

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    Default white knuckles at blackpool

    last friday i went to blackpool with my mum,sister and uncle

    we bought wristbands each

    because i have a phobia of big rides i am trying to recover slowly

    when i was there i went on the avalanche 4 times, log flume 4 times and valhalla 3 times also a lot of other rides

    next time i go which could be in september i will go on irn bru revolution and if i like that i will go on the big one

    if i enjoy the big one that will defintly be the rollercoaster part of my phobia gone

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    Default Re: white knuckles at blackpool

    the first time i went on the Big One i was crapping myself, it was awesome, the first drop feels like your falling into the sea and the speed was awesome too.

    Dragon Khan at Port Adventura takes some beating though

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