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Thread: PS1P WIP News Update - DCEMU Exclusive - New PSOne Emu for PSP Coming Soon

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    psp PS1P WIP News Update - DCEMU Exclusive - New PSOne Emu for PSP Coming Soon

    Hi all before i take my rather bruised eye to bed ( Never playfight with children on tramplolines btw, my sons knee caught my bloody eye with some major force and thus i have a black eye and a swollen face, i laugh now but boy is it sore )

    Anyway my Anonymous Coder friend who is working on PS1P the PSOne emu for the PSP posted to me this update about the emulator:

    As I said yesterday, I had to send you a version that was a few days old, my current one is a little better with hard-coded buttons, and I'm also looking at fullscreen and new optimizations for the GPU. Oh yeah, and at the present time the GPU is still mostly in software mode, since it's a lot easier to make it work in software first, I'm trying to convert it to 100% hardware but having a bit of a hard time. Currently only the final blits and the PS1 VRAM->VRAM copies are HW-optimized for the PSP. I'm currently trying to optimize the RAM->VRAM and VRAM->RAM using the same technique, which should help a lot in loading times (which are already very fast as you can see, although I can still get them even faster easily, while breaking compatibility with a number of games) and also maybe in gameplay with games that stream data to/from VRAM and RAM in real time during gameplay.

    There should be a BIG speed boost when the GPU is fully converted to HW too.

    to be honest some of that doesnt mean a deal to me but the BIG Speed boost does

    More info as i get it and please to all those that say its fake, this emulator is as real as the person posting news about it, meaning very real.

    Whilst i think about it remembering that the PSone has a lot of buttons, what do all you DCEmu Members think would be the best way to get all the buttons on the PSP?

    answers via comments

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    Do you know when you will have a beta version to test it? as for the buttons.. combinations is a solution. 2 buttons together. we have a lot of compinations that we can make

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    Awesome News!

    I'm thinking profiles for each game!
    Let us find a way to make them work, then save them as individual configs for each game.


    If I remember right, the PS1 didn't use the d-pad and the left-stick at the same time, so maybe have up and down on the d-pad L3 and R3 and have left and right on the d-pad L2 and L3.


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    It seems QJ now has a site where any user can post storys. Of course one of them stole the PS1-P story, Wraggs screenies and all. Just a few hours ago Anonymous Coder (or so he claimed, who knows for sure) posted this in there comments:

    11. it works

    believe me my emulator works.

    you'll see on the 7th of october when i release the first beta to a select few members of staff on psp sites!

    also i'm expecting a officail release to be sometime in november.

    p.s this emulator is being made to play set games i want to work, not just any game. (most of my work will be making my fave games such as FINAL FANTASY work).

    FF9 is also a b***h to do..

    by Anonymous Coder (Unregistered), at Sep 27, 2006 at 02:41PM

    This is very exciting news.

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    Great news!!! hopefully it wont be long until we can try this baby on our psps. Wraggster, Im pretty jealous of you, lol. Hows C&C playing?
    thanks for the update.

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    Japanese emulator vs. (Us or UK) emulator!!!

    Isn't it a fake??? The Anonymous Coder seems suspicious...

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    sweet. i cant wait to play! I hope driver 2 works.....

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    well idk if sound is going to be implemented but if it isnt you could possibly map the volume keyes, the mute button and possibly even the screen brightness button but i wouldnt reccomend that unless you are out of ideas for mapping bc some certain games such as ape escpe required a full controller

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    I think the best option to use for our button problem would be just to incorporate a self mapping feature in the emulator. Some games dont use certain buttons while some do, so just let the user decide what buttons is what and we should all be sweet!

    OMG I cant wait for this. Unlucky about the eye too Wraggster... but man, I am so jealous.... I WANNA' PLAY THIS EMULATOR SOOOOOOOOO BAD!

    *mouth waters*

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    I can't wait for this release it's gonna be amazing! On the button issue, if you make it possible to map your own buttons then most games will be fine without any special combo keys and such. Most of the games for the PS1 don't need all the buttons.

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