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Thread: Modding To Play Imports W/Out Mod Chip

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    Question Modding To Play Imports W/Out Mod Chip

    I stumbled across a site one day that showed how to do a few internal mods on a ntsc unit to play imports, (without using mod chips or boot disks!). Does anyone know where this site is or how to do this? Thanks. AI

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    1. Open Dreamcast
    2. Disconnect battery (easy to spot, its right behind the 4 controller ports, I used a knife to pry the battery connectors away from the battery)
    3. Locate spring loaded drive sensor towards the back of the unit (its like a black thing that sticks up, when you shut the DC, this thing is in the "back" position, the goal is to tape it "back", so the DC always thinks the lid is closed)

    Thats the hardware part, now the "swap" part
    1. Put in normal DC game, the battery is disconnected so it will ask you for the time STAY AT THIS SCREEN
    2. Wait about 3-4 minutes on this screen, you will here the disc stop spinning (or see it stop spinning if you left the lid open).
    3. Open lid, place in import game, close lid
    4. Set the time, watch import load

    *note: you will always have to set the time when you turn on your DC, unless you reconnect your battery
    ** note: the DC will ALWAYS think the lid is closed
    ***note: I have used this method successfully for the euro release of Shenmue II and some european demo disc

    And finally, don't come complaining to me if you ruin your DC. Opening your DC is risky, you could poke your eye out. On a side note, i think I killed the battery (therefore, cannot play time sensitive games, like Seaman)

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