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    Forza MotorSports info

    i just wanted to give out some of the latest and up-to-date news about Forza that have been found by a few members on a few Forza websites.

    Forza Motorsport "Official" Car List

    Forza Motorsport "Official" Track Listing

    Demo Content (Car's and Tracks)

    Forza videos, see the game in action

    Forza Demo on the way to you

    Fprza gameplay and replay screens

    This is just for the Fans of Forza, Iím trying to get the world out about the game and from what i have seen on the web not many people know what the game is about, most people just think it will be another racer like Gran-Turismo so I would like to further inform you about Forza.

    Forza Motorsports will be a real racing simulator that will debut sometime in February, it will have over 200 cars that all take damage and are all fully customizable. The cars will take visual damage as well as performance damage; the forzacentral ForzaPlanet and the team have all found a lot of information on the game. There will be car clubs on the game via Xbox live; you will be able to paint your own car with 100 available layers (Moto GP 2 only had 7 layers and people where able to reproduce many beer labels and some outstanding logos with just 7 layers). You will be able to take a stock car and add body kits, turbos, switch engines from another car, add various types of rear & front spoilers (taken from rear world companies) and new rims. Since Forza is trying to be the most realistic racer ever created all of these parts where taken from real world aftermarket parts manufactories, everything you add to you car will effect how you she handles. So, if your nice spinier rims are two heavy, look for you car to feel more sluggish in the curves and your 0-60 time to drop off some.

    The team at have found out that single player is only half of what this game has to offer. When you go online via Xbox live you will be able to trade, cars trade paint jobs and make user clubs with up to 100 members. As of right now the game will; have 200+ cars and over 40 tracks both real world and fictional tracks.

    a few links to get more information on Forza as well as where to find more media on Forza

    Ps this isnít spam and I will back to give info to anyone that wants to know anything about Forza so ask anything you would like to know about the game and I will answer the question or direct you in the right place to get the answer. Thanks xbox3365 and enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

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    That looks nice

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